"My expectations were absolutely surpassed."



Wayward is a retreat intended for womxn artists of all media and disciplines who are pursuing their creative calling with focused intention. Retreaters spend the week on beautiful, remote Quadra Island in British Columbia. Free from cell phones and internet, the artists at Wayward have the quiet time and space they need to dig deep into their art, experiment, explore, and hone their craft.

In addition to solo work time, Wayward creates space for collaboration and adventure. Retreaters create an interconnected group piece over the course of the week. Optional workshops and excursions into the wild are offered for those who need a break from their work. Morning yoga helps retreaters wake to the day in a gentle way. Daily meals are prepared by the hosts and retreaters together, often with greens from the house’s garden, oysters from the nearby beach, or other local ingredients. Together, the group builds an environment and community where all retreaters are inspired to make new and exciting work.


Wayward is for any womxn artist pursuing their work in a focused, vocational way. Genderqueer, non-conforming, and transgender women are enthusiastically welcome and are a core part of the retreat.

Artists of all disciplines come to Wayward: writers, sculptors, musicians, dancers, painters, fiber artists, filmmakers, and beyond. Wayward retreaters take their art seriously. They are interested in deepening their relationship to their work and finding new and exciting modes of creation.


So many things! Over the course of 6 days together, retreaters spend their time working on their own creative projects, participating in group workshops, relaxing in the evening; preparing meals together, and partaking in the many optional activities available throughout the week: workshops; creative counseling; dips in the pristine lake and river; canoeing; hiking; gathering veggies and greens from the garden, throwing a slimy tennis ball for Alma (the best dog in the world); daily yoga or Qi Gong classes; steaming in the handmade sauna; guided creative mediations; and experiencing the unique Quadra Island culture.


The 2019 Wayward Retreat runs from June 2-9. Applications are open until January 1st.

The retreat cost is $1,500 (American dollars). This covers lodging, food, participation in all workshop activities and creative counseling, transportation from Vancouver to Quadra Island and back, and your very own special Wayward retreat kit. The retreat cost does not cover airfare from wherever you live to Vancouver. Retreaters are responsible for getting themselves from their home to Vancouver by NOON on the morning of June 2. At this point, the retreat hosts will pick you up and bring you to the island. Retreaters are returned to Vancouver on June 9th.

Once accepted, the payment schedule for Wayward is as follows:

  • February 1 // $500 deposit due on acceptance to the retreat

  • March 15 // $500 payment

  • May 1 // $500 payment


Wayward offers two opportunities to offset the retreat costs.


We offer discounts for participants who share a bedroom during their stay. (These retreaters still get their own beds.) Sharing a room reduces your fee by $150 USD. If you are interested in the room share discount, please indicate so on your application when prompted.


Each year, Wayward offers a $1000 scholarship to at least one artist of color (more if our funding allows it.) The fund was created to strengthen the Wayward community and expand the breadth of artists on the island. If you are an artist of color and interested in the scholarship, please indicate so on your application when prompted.


"A wonderful place to call home for a week."



vancouver island.jpg

The largest of the Discovery Islands in Canada, Quadra Island sits off the eastern coast of Vancouver Island in British Columbia. It’s about 22 miles north to south and home to about 2700 people.

Our house sits on the forested southern end of Village Bay Lakes on northern Quadra. It’s completely secluded, but only a 20 minute drive into town. The lakes and related watershed are ecologically and geologically exceptional, home to over 72 bird species and 234 plant species, and the return site for thousands of salmon every fall from the ocean. Osprey, eagles, herons, kingfishers, ducks and otters are regular sights on the lakes. 


“A game changer.”




“This retreat was such a unique and powerful experience for me. Never before in my creative life have I ever been so completely isolated and at the same time so fully surrounded and supported by fellow artists. This was such an open and welcoming environment – so filled with creativity and joy – that coming back home and readjusting to my ‘normal’ life was almost a hardship. I’m counting down the weeks until the next retreat, where I’m sure the magic will be rekindled in a new and exciting way, and where isolation and companionship and creativity somehow come hand in hand.” 


The Quadra Island retreat was galvanizing and therapeutic in equal measures, with pacing that rewarded both solo creativity and socializing. During the day, I could strike out on my own into the lush woods, pull the rowboat out on the lake for a contemplative float, or strip down and take a refreshing swim without fear or worry. I had personal space and time to write, think, chill with music, or interact with nature on my own terms. In the evenings, being surrounded by other creatives–many in different fields than mine–allowed me to hear how others tackled their own challenges, or thought of their own practice. Months later, I still find myself considering how the other participants would tackle an obstacle currently in my way.”  


“It turns out that having a space to make stuff that you can just enjoy (instead of worrying how it integrates with your personal brand or what the price point will be) is incredibly critical. Honestly, making things simply for the joy of it is something that can get lost in your (highly rewarding and personally satisfying) art career. The retreat ended up being an amazing time, an incredibly nurturing physical and emotional space.”  


"I came into this retreat with very high expectations ... And these expectations were absolutely surpassed. I feel like the first 24 hours was pretty much me walking around with my mouth agape, pointing at things, holding up things, and looking at other participants with their mouths equally agape."


"I definitely feel that the retreat will have a positive impact on my career. Seeing and hearing about other creatives' work and perspectives, and being surrounded by nature for a week offered so much inspiration for my work. The retreat also encouraged me to step outside my comfort zone and push myself ..."


"[The] care and passion shone through every aspect of Wayward, and this is an experience I'm going to look back on for the rest of my life."