A creative retreat for pursuing your artistic calling.



The Wayward retreat is a supportive space for womxn artists to create work, explore collaboration, experiment, recharge, and develop new skills to help in your pursuit of art as a vocation.

The retreat is HELD on remote and beautiful Quadra Island, British Columbia. There is no internet or cell phone service at the house — nothing to distract you from your inner voice or your community of talented peers.



Time and space to work.

The location of our retreat provides space for solitude and focus, both in nature and in our very comfortable house.


A beautiful setting.

Our home on Quadra Island is secluded in a lush forest, and the beaches are littered with fresh oysters.


Creative collaboration.

We hold and curate space to collaborate with your fellow retreaters and hosts in magical and unexpected ways.


A great dog.

Her name is Alma.


Refocus your creative career on beautiful Quadra Island.



“This retreat was such a unique and powerful experience for me. Never before in my creative life have I ever been so completely isolated and at the same time so fully surrounded and supported by fellow artists. This was such an open and welcoming environment – so filled with creativity and joy – that coming back home and readjusting to my ‘normal’ life was almost a hardship. I’m counting down the weeks until the next retreat, where I’m sure the magic will be rekindled in a new and exciting way, and where isolation and companionship and creativity somehow come hand in hand.”  

— Katy, television writer + playwright 

“It turns out that having a space to make stuff that you can just enjoy (instead of worrying how it integrates with your personal brand or what the price point will be) is incredibly critical. Honestly, making things simply for the joy of it is something that can get lost in your (highly rewarding and personally satisfying) art career. The retreat ended up being an amazing time, an incredibly nurturing physical and emotional space.”  

— Eva, sculptor + ceramicist

The Quadra Island retreat was galvanizing and therapeutic in equal measures, with pacing that rewarded both solo creativity and socializing. During the day, I could strike out on my own into the lush woods, pull the rowboat out on the lake for a contemplative float, or strip down and take a refreshing swim without fear or worry. I had personal space and time to write, think, chill with music, or interact with nature on my own terms. In the evenings, being surrounded by other creatives–many in different fields than mine–allowed me to hear how others tackled their own challenges, or thought of their own practice. Months later, I still find myself considering how the other participants would tackle an obstacle currently in my way.”  

— Sarra, novelist


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